Why Have A Mural Painted

A mural is a great way to grab attention. Have you ever tried to describe where something is? If it has a large wall mural you are going to say, "you know where they have that big beautiful painting on the side" and the other person will say "oh yeah, I know exactly where your talking about", Well that is one example.

Another great reason to have a mural painted for your business is its a great backdrop for people and pets to take pictures. And what better way to advertise than social media. Let the community advertise for you with hashtags and location tagging.  I can't imagine someone standing in front of a vinyl graphic and being excited to post it to social media. 


Beautify the Community

I well done mural helps to improve the community. Many cities across the US and Canada have used murals to help improve and draw attention to struggling communities.   


Have a mural painted on the side of your building

Murals are fantastic eye catching pieces of art the will bring great fortune to any business.  We would love to paint a beautiful piece for you. Prices would basically be determined on the project. Location, terrain, heights, indoor outdoor, etc. etc. 

Please contact us and we can discuss all the details and get a plan together

Finacing Available through PayPal